International Symposium on Small Pelagic Fish: New Frontiers in Science for Sustainable Management

Start: Monday November 7th, 2022
End: Friday November 11th, 2022

The international symposium “Small Pelagic Fish: New Frontiers in Science for Sustainable Management” will be held in Lisbon, Portugal between 7th - 11th November 2022.

This symposium will relate to the collaborative research conducted by the joint ICES/PICES Working Group on Small Pelagic Fish, with the focal point being innovation in topics related to the ecology and sustainable management of SPF.

In connection with the ICES/PICES Working Group, the research conducted aligns with the goals of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development - "to bolster scientific research for a sustainably harvested ocean ensuring the provision of food supply".



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