Marine Socio-Ecological Systems: Navigating global change in the marine environment


The ‘Marine Socio-Ecological Systems: Navigating global change in the marine environment’ symposium will be held in Yokohama, Japan (dates to be confirmed).

This symposium will focus on the integrated assessment of multiple ocean uses across sectors including fisheries, renewable energy, coastal development, oil and gas, transport, and the need for conservation. Centralising the methodological and empirical challenges involved in the human dimensions in integrated ecosystem assessments.

A forum has been created for identifying important developments needed for future decades, ensuring that oceans are sustainably managed.

Scientific sessions available:

  • S1: Running the Gamut Gauntlet: Socio-ecological modelling in a complex world
  • S2: Improving marine governance with interdisciplinary research and cross-sectoral approaches
  • S3: Sustainable Ocean Development
  • S4: Risk perception and assessment for marine ecosystem-based management
  • S5: Mapping human dimensions onto seascapes: Progress and challenges in the integration and utilization of socioeconomic and ecological data in marine spatial planning and spatial considerations of marine ecosystems
  • S6: Social-Ecological Systems Thinking: From Cultural Services Perspectives
  • S7: Co-production of knowledge, participatory approaches and engagement with stakeholders
  • S8: Applying and integrating marine biodiversity indicators and assessments to evaluate progress towards policy goals
  • S9: Coastal Communities and Change
  • S10: Vulnerability of marine SES to climatic changes and anthropogenic pressures
  • ​Evening Session: We all think we are inter and transdisciplinary: Are we really​​, what makes it work, and how can we support integration in marine SES?”


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