Communication Toolbox


How To Use Communication Toolbox Resources

The communication toolbox contains project resources such as infographics, promotional material as well as technical brand assets such as logos and templates.

It is important that the use of these resources adheres to the project's brand guidelines, details for which can be found in the brand guide download.

Be sure to check back on this page for future updates...

Project Brand Guide

The brand guide will give you advice on the correct use of our project logo, colour scheme, imagery and general font use.

Please refer to these guidelines when creating any new branded materials.

Project Logos

For correct the use of our project logo and alternative usage in different contexts, please refer to our brand guidelines. Horizontal logo display is preferred, but a vertical stacked alternative is also available. It is best practice to use SVGs or PNGs when placing our logo on webpages. JPEGs should only be used as a last resort.

Logo Colour

Logo White on Black

Logo Greyscale

Logo Black on White

File Name (Click to Download)File SizeFile TypeFile Access
svgEcoScope Logo Colour V1.0.svg135KBSVGPublic
svgEcoScope Logo Colour Vertical V1.0.svg139KBSVGPublic
svgEcoScope Logo Colour Vertical with White Text V1.0.svg139KBSVGPublic
svgEcoScope Logo Black V1.0.svg247KBSVGPublic
svgEcoScope Logo Black Vertical V1.0.svg257KBSVGPublic
svgEcoScope Logo Greyscale V1.0.svg141KBSVGPublic
svgEcoScope Logo Greyscale Vertical V1.0.svg396KBSVGPublic
svgEcoScope Logo White V1.0.svg249KBSVGPublic
svgEcoScope Logo White Vertical V1.0.svg532KBSVGPublic

File Name (Click to Download)File SizeFile TypeFile Access
pngEcoScope Logo Colour V1.0.png35KBPNGPublic
pngEcoScope Logo Colour Vertical V1.0.png56KBPNGPublic
pngEcoScope Logo Colour Vertical with White Text V1.0.png56KBPNGPublic
pngEcoScope Logo Black V1.0.png19KBPNGPublic
svgEcoScope Logo Black Vertical V1.0.svg257KBSVGPublic
pngEcoScope Logo Greyscale V1.0.png57KBPNGPublic
pngEcoScope Logo Greyscale Vertical V1.0.png43KBPNGPublic
pngEcoScope Logo White V1.0.png46KBPNGPublic
pngEcoScope Logo White Vertical V1.0.png37KBPNGPublic

File Name (Click to Download)File SizeFile TypeFile Access
jpgEcoScope Logo Colour V1.0.jpg112KBJPGPublic
jpgEcoScope Logo Colour Vertical V1.0.jpg186KBJPGPublic
jpgEcoScope Logo Black V1.0.jpg65KBJPGPublic
jpgEcoScope Logo Black Vertical V1.0.jpg110KBJPGPublic
jpgEcoScope Logo Greyscale V1.0.jpg58KBJPGPublic
jpgEcoScope Logo Greyscale Vertical V1.0.jpg95KBJPGPublic

Project Templates

This folder contains PowerPoint presentation templates, deliverable report templates and letterheads.

File Name (Click to Download)File SizeFile TypeFile Access
pptxEcoScope Presentation Template Widescreen (16-9) V1.0.pptx279KBPPTXPublic
pptxEcoScope Presentation Template V1.0.pptx4MBPPTXPublic
docxEcoScope Meeting Minutes Template V1.0.docx374KBDOCXPublic
docxEcoScope Letterhead Template V1.1.docx204KBDOCXPublic
docxEcoScope Deliverable Report - Template V1.4.docx516KBDOCXPublic

Posters, Leaflets and Banners

Introductory leaflets, posters and roller banners.

File Name (Click to Download)File SizeFile TypeFile Access
pdfEcoScope A4 Information Leaflet V1.0.pdf2MBPDFPublic
pdfEcoScope A0 Poster V1.0.pdf7MBPDFPublic
pdfEcoScope Roller Banner 800mm x 2000mm V1.0.pdf8MBPDFPublic
pdfEcoScope Poster A0 - Thalassa 2022 Conference V1.0.pdf2MBPDFPublic


Various infographics for key aspects of the project including regions in the project's scope. Previews of each infographic can be seen below.

The Bay of Biscay

The Aegean Sea

The North Sea

The Israeli Fez

The Black Sea

The Balearic Islands

The Baltic Sea

The Adriatic Sea

File Name (Click to Download)File SizeFile TypeFile Access
pdfEcoScope Regional Infographics V1.1.pdf5MBPDFPublic
pdfEcoScope Adriatic Sea Infographic V1.2.pdf1MBPDFPublic
pdfEcoScope Aegean Sea Infographic V1.1.pdf507KBPDFPublic
pdfEcoScope Baltic Sea Infographic V1.1.pdf684KBPDFPublic
pdfEcoScope Balearic Islands Infographic V1.2.pdf510KBPDFPublic
pdfEcoScope Bay of Biscay Infographic V1.1.pdf588KBPDFPublic
pdfEcoScope Black Sea Infographic V1.1.pdf516KBPDFPublic
pdfEcoScope Israeli Fez Infographic V1.2.pdf598KBPDFPublic
pdfEcoScope North Sea Infographic V1.1.pdf890KBPDFPublic


The following icons and illustrations are available to partners for use in presentations.







EcoScope icon Mussels











Thornback Ray

EcoScope Boat 1

EcoScope Boat 2

EcoScope Boat 3

EcoScope Boat 4

File Name (Click to Download)File SizeFile TypeFile Access
svgEcoScope Boat 1.svg17KBSVGPartners Only
svgEcoScope Boat 2.svg15KBSVGPartners Only
svgEcoScope Boat 3.svg15KBSVGPartners Only
svgEcoScope Boat 4.svg17KBSVGPartners Only
aiCod.ai97KBAIPartners Only
aiTuna.ai260KBAIPartners Only
aiMackerel.ai267KBAIPartners Only
aiHerring.ai277KBAIPartners Only
aiPlaice.ai477KBAIPartners Only
aiCrab.ai360KBAIPartners Only
aiShrimp.ai283KBAIPartners Only
aiLobster.ai263KBAIPartners Only
aiCephalopod.ai367KBAIPartners Only
aiAnemone.ai347KBAIPartners Only
aiJellyfish.ai371KBAIPartners Only
aiMussels.ai258KBAIPartners Only
aiSeahorse.ai430KBAIPartners Only
aiTurtle.ai498KBAIPartners Only
aiStarfish.ai387KBAIPartners Only
aiRay.ai296KBAIPartners Only
aiHake1MBAIPartners Only
aiThornback Ray3MBAIPartners Only


The following images are available to partners for use in presentations.

Website Header



Fish in Box

Fishing Boats

Fishing Nets



Sunset Waves




File Name (Click to Download)File SizeFile TypeFile Access
jpgBubbles (Mostafa Ashraf Mostafa - Unsplash 2020).jpg2MBJPGPartners Only
jpgBuoy (Trygve Finkelsen - Pexels 2019).jpg2MBJPGPartners Only
jpgCod Fish (Kindel Media - Pexels 2021).jpg3MBJPGPartners Only
jpgFish In Tray(Nguyen Linh - Unsplash 2015).jpg340KBJPGPartners Only
jpgSunset Waves (Linus Nylund - Unsplash 2019).jpg656KBJPGPartners Only
jpgWaves (Joel Vodell - Unsplash 2019).jpg2MBJPGPartners Only
jpgTrawler (Agustin Piatero - Pexels 2016).jpg4MBJPGPartners Only
jpgSurface (Matt Hardy - Unsplash 2018).jpg5MBJPGPartners Only
jpgSpanish Fish (Alexander Vasilchikov - Unsplash 2020).jpg304KBJPGPartners Only
jpgShoreline (Wiktor Jakovlev - Unsplash 2019).jpg775KBJPGPartners Only
jpgFishing Boats (Taryn Elliott - Pexels 2020).jpg3MBJPGPartners Only
jpgNets (Krisztian Tabori - Unsplash 2018) jpg.jpg1MBJPGPartners Only
jpgEcoScope-Web-Header-V1.0.jpg11MBJPGPartners Only

File Name (Click to Download)File SizeFile TypeFile Access
pdfEcoScope Social Media Guidelines for Partners V1.0.pdf500KBPDFPublic