EcoScope Stakeholder Forum

The EcoScope Stakeholder Forum aims to promote and enable the involvement of stakeholders and end-users in co-designing the EcoScope tools and evaluating their application in policy-making and ecosystem-based fisheries management through specific foresight workshops. If you would like to participate in future stakeholder engagement events, please register to our Stakeholder Forum.

Stakeholder Engagement - The first Foresight Workshop

The first EcoScope Foresight Workshop was held on 16th February 2022. The workshop was attended by stakeholders representing a variety of sectors and end-user groups.

The aim of the workshop was to shape the ongoing design and elaboration of the tools and their outputs in collaboration with the workshop participants. The purpose is to design a suite of tools that can deliver what is required by policymakers and other end-users to implement an ecosystem-based approach to fisheries.

The following document provides a brief of the EcoScope project.

EcoScope Briefing Document

A series of videos were presented to introduce the key planned products of the EcoScope project. The videos are available on the EcoScope YouTube channel and below.

Introduction to the EcoScope data tools

A presentation introducing a diagram of the EcoScope tools as a central portal for fisheries management in European Seas. The video identifies stakeholder requirements for the EcoScope tools.

The EcoScope Platform

The video presents the EcoScope Platform as a novel, model, interdisciplinary, e-tool integrating met-ocean, environmental, biogeochemical, biological, fisheries and socio-economic datasets, covering all European Seas.

Evaluating fisheries management scenarios with EwE

The video presents methods for evaluating fisheries management scenarios using static (Ecopath), temporal (Ecosim) and spatial (Ecospace) simulation models (EwE).

MSP (Maritime Spatial Planning) Challenge Simulation Platform

Presentation of the MSP Challenge Software in the EcoScope project - Client-server software package to support marine spatial planning.

The EcoScope Toolbox

Presentation of the EcoScope Toolbox: A sustainability scoring system based on the assessment of all ecosystem components. It will operate as a decision support tool for examing fisheries management, policy scenarios and spatial planning simulations within the context of ecosystem-based fisheries management (EBFM).