EcoScope Academy


The EcoScope Academy will be the educational pillar of the project and will include a collection of online courses, webinars, hybrid courses, online games and self-paced courses addressed to postgraduate and undergraduate students, young scientists and policy-makers. The knowledge created in the EcoScope Toolbox and EcoScope Platform, as well as the scientific output of the EcoScope project will be shared through capacity building in the EcoScope Academy, which will promote cross community education and knowledge sharing. It will in the first instance be based on the material of the courses currently run by EcoScope partners, but will also create new material based on the outputs from the Ecoscope project.

The current courses include: the Fisheries Biology and Ecosystem Management postgraduate course of AUTH, the Advanced Stock Assessment seminar courses delivered by AUTH, GEOMAR and UBC, the summer school in Oceanography and Fisheries run by DUTH, the stock assessment courses run by QQ (, and the ecological modelling training courses of the EII ( These courses will be put together in a syllabus used for both traditional courses and life-long learning. Scientific results from journals, ecological models, videos/photos and presentations will also be used to enrich the course content and promote interdisciplinarity. The EcoScope Academy will be used for disseminating the methodological approach of EcoScope to all related stakeholders and for supporting the proper usage of the developed platform and decision-making toolbox.

EcoScope Academy Courses

A collection of online courses on Ecocentric Fisheries Management.
Chapter Title
Chapter 1 General Introduction
Chapter 2 TBC
Chapter 3 TBA
Chapter 4 TBC
Chapter 5 TBC
Chapter 6 TBC
Chapter 7 TBC
Chapter 8 TBC
Chapter 9 TBC

Training Courses, Workshops, and Summer Schools

Type Title Date Link
Training Course Big Marine Data Analytics and Models 16-18 May 2023
Workshop Ecosystem Modelling Planned for May 2023 (internal)
Summer School Fisheries and Oceanography Planned for September 2023 (Kavala, Greece)
Training Course Training on EwE Planned for November 2023 (Larnaca, Cyprus)