ICES Annual Science Conference 2024

Start: September 8th, 2024

End: September 11th, 2024

The ICES Annual Science Conference 2024 (ASC2024) is set to take place from September 9th to 12th, 2024, in Gateshead, United Kingdom.


The following themed sessions are planned:

  • Theme session A: From Echoes to Ecology – The application of active acoustics beyond biomass estimates
  • ​Theme session B: Towards integrated operational marine science and advice
  • Theme session C​: How do we adapt our approach to deal with novel contaminants in the marine environment?
  • Theme session D: Marine food webs and Ecosystem-based Management ​
  • Theme session E: Developing applied evidence for biodiversity conservation and management
  • Theme session F: New avenues for incorporating ecosystem processes in models used for fisheries management
  • Theme session G: Ecosystem outcomes of co-existence with offshore renewable energy
  • Theme session H: How can camera-based electronic monitoring improve bycatch management?
  • Theme session I: Accounting for climate change in Marine Spatial Planning: Experiences and lessons learnt
  • Theme session J: Moving the latest developments from machine learning and AI closer to exploiting mountains and lakes of data
  • Theme session K: Incorporating human dimensions to improve fishing opportunities advice​
  • Theme session​ L: Evaluating ecosystem-based management performance: examples of success (co-sponsored by PICES)
  • Theme session M: Welfare conscious and sustainable fishing in the 21st century
  • Theme session N: The importance of operational oceanography in researching changing ocean
  • ​Theme session O​: From microbes to zooplankton: Forecasting ecosystem dynamics in a changing ocean
  • Theme session P: Climate impacts and adaptation responses in marine fishery systems (co-sponsored by PICES)
  • ​Theme s​es​sion Q​: Small Scale Fisheries, where are you?​​
  • ​Theme s​es​sion R​: Scientific advances under ICES Science Plan

Important Dates

  • Abstract Submission Deadline: 22 March
  • Online registration system opens: April
  • Convenor notification of acceptance/rejection of abstracts: Late April
  • ECS travel fund applications open: April/May
  • Deadline application for ECS travel funds: 1 June
  • Presenter's registration deadline: 15 June *
  • Early bird registration deadline: 1 July (Midnight, Copenhagen time)
  • Conference app with programme available: July
  • Video submission deadline (for remote presenters only): 5 August
  • Submission deadline for presentation slides (for in-person oral presenters only): 25 August
  • Online registration deadline (on-site registration still possible): 1 September
  • Registration for excursions deadline – no on-site sign-up possible!: 1 September


The Glasshouse International Centre for Music

St Mary's Square,



ICES Annual Science Conference 2024