Oceans Past IX

Start: June 21st, 2022

End: June 24th, 2022

The 9th Oceans Past Conference will take place in Washington, United States between 22nd - 25th June 2022. This conference will allow scholars and practitioners to collaborate with the aim of documenting and comprehending changes in marine systems and human maritime interactions in the past centuries and millennia. This includes contributing to filling gaps in knowledge of the past, present status, and potential trajectories of living marine resources.

Presentations that cover large-scale and long-term case studies are supported, specifically in regards to interactions in past marine ecosystems, impacts and legacy effects of human activities, sustainability of iterative and/or co-evolutionary relationships, and future management implications.

Researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, and students interested in creating a unified view of our oceans as networks of social-ecological and/or human-nature systems are encouraged to participate at this event.

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