Aenaos Thalassa

Aenaos Thalassa

Aenaos Thalassa is a non-profit organisation, working to protect marine and coastal habitats in the Mediterranean, and to support their sustainable management. It cooperates with other likeminded organisations and interested parties to create synergies and reinforce action for the benefit of the marine environment. It is active in marine protection in the Mediterranean Sea, particularly in coastal and island Greece. By choosing the National Marine Park of Alonissos Northern Sporades as the pilot area of its action, Thalassa has supported and implemented a series of activities that lead to restoration, preservation, sustainability, education, and environmental awareness. In close collaboration with the scientific society, it encourages research and innovation, while at the same time, builds capacity of the local community and diverse stakeholders, by promoting consultation, training, awareness and active involvement. Thalassa has consistently supported the implementation of awareness-raising campaigns, research focusing on fish stock data collection and the assessment of the MPA’s environmental status, scientific seminars and events.

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Contact Name: Vera Alexandropoulou



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