Collecte Localisation Satellites

Collecte Localisation Satellites

Collecte Localisation Satellites (CLS) is a global company and pioneer provider of monitoring and surveillance solutions for the Earth, created in 1986. We are subsidiary of the French Space Agency (CNES) and CNP (Compagnie Nationale à Portefeuille), an investment firm. Our mission is to create innovative space-based solutions to understand and protect our planet and to manage its resources sustainably. CLS employs 720 people at our headquarters in Toulouse (France) and in 25 other sites around the world. The company works in five strategic markets: sustainable fisheries management, environmental monitoring, maritime surveillance, fleet management, and energy & mining. CLS is specialised in delivering institutional and commercial satellite-based services to public authorities and commercial operators at the global scale. Its core activities relate to; operational exploitation of satellite systems for geo-positioning and data collection (like the ARGOS system), ocean observation and ocean surveillance., and development and marketing of products and added-value services based on satellite remotesensing data.

For 25 years, CLS has been involved in the definition, specification, development and operations of the ground processing as well as in the quality control and calibration/validation aspects of nearly all the altimetry missions that have been or are currently in operations. CLS has also a broad experience in satellite data processing sea surface temperature, ocean colour and radar imagery as well as in in-situ data processing (ARGO float, drifters, and tide gauges). CLS is both involved in research and development activities (multi-mission algorithms improvement, ocean observations validation and combination) and in operational oceanography services for end-users (off-shore industry, ship-routing, fisheries management, environmental monitoring). A fast growing part of CLS activities are conducted in the maritime domain and addresses a wide community of end-users of various backgrounds: governmental (policymakers and public authorities in charge of the Fisheries Management, Maritime Safety Agency, etc.), research (scientific institutes) and private (maritime shipping industry, fishermen, sailing races, O&G industries, etc.). Thanks to 80 oceanographers and remote sensing and in-situ measurement specialists, CLS has a proven track-record of large-scale projects, aiming at developing and maintaining complex systems. CLS is particularly active in the field of operational oceanography and in operational systems implementation especially through the following activities. CLS holds more than 30-year experience in environmental monitoring by remote sensing techniques. CLS has been acting continuously in Earth Observation (EO) projects providing services to French and European space agencies, CNES, ESA, EUMETSAT and European stakeholders like the European Union, through research programs FP5, 6, 7, H2020 and more recently through the operational Copernicus program. CLS has developed a large expertise in the field of altimetry and space imagery, being involved from the early design phases of ERS and TOPEX/Poseidon missions to the most recent altimeter missions like Sentinel-3 A&B and the future Sentinel-6/Jason-CS and SWOT missions. CLS has been developing its altimetry expertise in space mission design, instrument processing, algorithm development, operational system development and operations, mission performance assessment and higher-level data design, production and dissemination.

Finally, CLS is certified ISO 9001 for its activities related to satellite data development and operations.

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