European Marine Board IVZW

European Marine Board IVZW

The European Marine Board ivzw (EMB) is an independent and self-sustaining science policy interface organisation that currently represents 37 Member Organisations from 18 European countries. It was established in 1995 to facilitate enhanced cooperation between European marine science organisations towards the development of a common vision on the strategic research priorities for marine science in Europe. The EMB promotes and supports knowledge transfer for improved leadership in European marine research. Its membership includes major national marine or oceanographic institutes, research funding agencies and national consortia of universities with a strong marine research focus.

Adopting a strategic role, the EMB serves its member organisations by providing a forum within which marine research policy advice is developed and conveyed to national agencies and to the European Commission, with the objective of promoting the need for, and quality of, European marine research. The EMB provide advice on future strategies, by identifying scientific challenges and opportunities through foresight activities, analysis, events and studies to provide high-level recommendations.

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