Scientific publications - Fisheries research

TitleAuthor(s)Year of PublicationJournal TitleIssue NumberPage Number(s)DOI
Exploring multiple stressor effects with Ecopath, Ecosim, and Ecospace: Research designs, modeling techniques, and future directionsA. Stock, C.C. Murray, E.J Gregr, J. Steenbeek, E. Woodburn, F. Micheli, V. Christensen, K.M.A. Chan2023Science of The Total EnvironmentVolume 869View DOI/report
Global-scale parameters for ecological modelsGianpaolo Coro, Pasquale Bove, Kathleen Kesner-Reyes2023Scientific DataVolume 10, issue 7View DOI/report
Scientific progress made towards bridging the knowledge gap in the biology of Mediterranean marine fishesEva Daskalaki ,Evangelos Koufalis,Donna Dimarchopoulou,Athanassios C. Tsikliras2022PLOS ONEView DOI/report
Ecosystem-based fisheries management increases catch and carbon sequestration through recovery of exploited stocks: The western Baltic Sea case studyMarco Scotti, Silvia Opitz, Liam MacNeil, Axel Kreutle, Christian Pusch and Rainer Froese2022Frontiers in Marine ScienceView DOI/report
The potential effects of COVID-19 lockdown and the following restrictions on the status of eight target stocks in the Adriatic SeaGiuseppe Scarcella, Silvia Angelini, Enrico Nicola Armelloni, Ilaria Costantini, Andrea De Felice, Stefano Guicciardi, Iole Leonori, Francesco Masnadi, Martina Scanu, and Gianpaolo Coro2022Frontiers in Marine ScienceView DOI/report
Filling Gaps in Trawl Surveys at Sea through Spatiotemporal and Environmental ModellingGianpaolo Coro, Pasquale Bove, Enrico Nicola Armelloni, Francesco Masnadi, Martina Scanu, and Giuseppe Scarcella2022Frontiers in Marine ScienceView DOI/report
Modelling and assessing the ecosystem of the Aegean Sea, a major hub of the eastern Mediterranean at the intersection of Europe and AsiaIoannis Keramidasa, Donna Dimarchopouloub, Athanassios C. Tsiklirasa2022ScienceDirectVolume 56View DOI/report
Ecocentric Fisheries Management in European Seas (Part I): Data Gaps, Base Models and Initial AssessmentsAthanassios C. Tsikliras, Georgi M. Daskalov, Georgios Sylaios, Gianpaolo Coro, Marco Scotti, David Grémillet et al.Frontiers in Marine ScienceView DOI/report