Dimokritio Panepistimio Thrakis

Dimokritio Panepistimio Thrakis

Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH) was established in 1973 and is currently operating eight Schools and nineteen Departments in four cities of Thrace. It has 850 employees, 21,000 students, 2,300 post graduate students and about 1,750 PhD students. Relying on its quality of teaching and research level, DUTH has secured a place among the best Greek Universities.

DUTH has participated/is currently participating in several EU-funded programmes, such as FP7 actions: (27; of which four are MSCA), H2020 actions: (12; two of which are MSCA and another one in the Grant Preparation Phase), JUST Action Grants: (2), Life actions: (1), Erasmus+ actions: (2), Jean Monnet Chair (1) etc. Furthermore, the University is participating in several transnational and national projects. The projects cover several scientific areas such as engineering, IT, environmental and agricultural sciences, medicine, molecular biology, law, economics, sociology, humanities, education and physical education.

The Laboratory of Ecological Engineering and Technology of the Department of Environmental Engineering of DUTH has been established since 1998 and it is one of the seven laboratories of the Department. The Laboratory covers extended scientific areas, such as the ecosystem management and restoration, environmental hydraulics and hydrodynamics, hydrogeological characteristics of aquifers, ecological agriculture and stock farming with emphasis on the reduction of pollutants emission to the environment, application of models, operational tools and DSS with the use of neural networks and fuzzy models, water resources management with the use of GIS. The Laboratory has the facilities and equipment required to support its research and educational activities, including 90 sq.m. of indoor space and 200 sq.m. of outdoor space in the facilities of the Department at Kimmeria, Xanthi, and it is properly equipped with instrumentation for water quality analyses, modeling and experimental simulations, and field measurements, including a van-type vehicle transformed to mobile analysis station, and a Zodiac boat. Over the latest years, the Laboratory has been involved into several European-funded projects (approx. 40) as INTERREG IVC, INTERREG Cross-border Greece-Bulgaria, FP7, Black Sea and ENPI CBC-Med Projects. Since June 2017 the Laboratory leads the H2020 research project ODYSSEA, on the development of a novel platform integrating Big Data from various, diverse data providers, processing and translating the data into information servicing various marine and maritime users.

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Contact Name: Georgios Sylaios

Website: http://www.duth.gr/


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