Institut po bioraznoobrazie i ekosistemni izsledvaniya balgarska akademiya na

Institut po bioraznoobrazie i ekosistemni izsledvaniya balgarska akademiya na

IBER-BAS is a national centre of research on biodiversity, ecosystems and sustainable use of bioresources. The Division of Functional Ecology and Bioresources of Marine and Coastal Ecosystems and the associated Laboratory of Marine Ecology (LME) are carrying out research in functional ecology and the ecosystem approach to management of marine bioresources. Main areas of expertise are fisheries research and stock assessment, ecosystem modelling, environmental monitoring and biogeochemistry of coastal zones, structure and function of benthic and microbial communities, anthropogenic impact assessments, and evaluation of Marine Protected Areas. Our team has mentored several PhD and MSc students, and provide a base for field studies of visiting scientists and university students from Bulgaria and Europe.

During the last years we participated in several EU funded projects such as WETLANET, KNOWSEAS, PERSEUS, COCONET, RECONNECT. Recently our team was (co)responsible for performing historical stock assessments under the DGMARE RECFISH project, and drafting guidelines for fish feeding studies in DGMARE STREAM. The lab is a member of the LTER-Europe (The European Longterm Ecosystem Research Network) and coordinator of its Black sea site. Recently, our team was in charge of coordination of the first national project (FEMA) funded by EEA aimed to assess and map the state of marine ecosystem services provided in the Bulgarian EEZ. Based on existing data high resolution maps were created and provided to stakeholders and management authorities. The laboratory’s field and experimental equipment can fully support field work and data analysis. The research staff is competent in statistical (R, GAM, MARSS), stock assessment (a4a, SAM, CMSY, SS3), mapping (ArcGIS), and ecosystem modelling tools (EwE). Five members of the lab (3 males and 2 females) will be involved in the project.

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Contact Name: Georgi Daskalov



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