Instituto Español de Oceanographia

Instituto Español de Oceanographia

The Instituto Español de Oceanografía ( IEO, Spanish Institute of Oceanography ,) is a public research organisation, under the Ministry of Science and Innovation, devoted to marine science research, especially in relation to the scientific knowledge of the oceans, the sustainability of fishing resources and the conservation of the marine environment.

IEO is the research and advisory body for the fisheries and marine conservation policies of the Spanish Government and represents Spain in most international scientific forums related to the sea and its resources, such as GFCM, ICES, NAFO, CECAF or OSPAR. IEO is engaged in numerous working groups of different ecoregions regarding a diversity of topics, including fisheries stock assessment, vulnerable species and habitats and ecosystem studies. IEO has extensive experience in competitive projects related to oceanography, marine sciences and the multidisciplinary study of the sea, both at national and international levels including EU projects and also in scientific monitoring programs, including the EU Data Collection Framework (DCF). DCF allows the compilation of data related to the fishing sector, including catches, effort, population structure and biological parameters as well as fisheries-independent surveys in all the regions in which the Spanish fleets operate. These data are the basis for providing scientific advice regarding the common fisheries policy and is used in quality research in oceanography and marine sciences. IEO is also responsible for the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) in Spanish Iberian and Canary Islands waters. IEO has been studying the most important ecosystems of Spanish marine waters, its habitats and species, with the aim to understand the natural and socioeconomic values in order to complete the marine Natura 2000 Network. As a result of all these activities, IEO holds key databases and ecological knowledge from the western Mediterranean Sea that is of relevance for the EcoScope project.

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